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FNT2T Life Long Learning: COVID Back-to-School Visual by Kitatipithitamak Mithwayawin (Indigenous COVID-19)

Good Day! FNT2T Life Long Learning is sharing a resource created by Kitatipithitamak Mithwayawin which is an Indigenous-led countermeasure to COVID-19. Their website offers numerous resources including beautiful visuals that emphasize the importance of mental health for young people as many return to school in these unprecedented times. The visual shared here developed by Kitatipithitamak […]

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FNT2T Life Long Learning: Musqueam Elder & Aboriginal Rights Advocate, Ronald Sparrow (R. vs. Sparrow)

FNT2T is committed to the work of Aboriginal rights and Treaty rights advocacy. A key component to understanding treaties is understanding the many First Nations legal cases that have impacted the interpretation and the expression of Aboriginal rights and Treaty rights. This includes Inherent rights and Aboriginal title. Many First Nations and Indigenous activists have […]