About Us

Life Long Learning for the Anishinaabek means providing education from birth. Resources provided by Canada fail to meet the Anishinaabek Inherent Right to Life Long Learning.

Every Local Nation Member child from Treaty 2 Territory is born with the Inherent Right to their ancestral knowledge, culture, and language. Their rights have not been met in the current Provincial educational system, which focuses primarily on the delivery of mainstream settler education. Research has clearly found that Indigenous student graduation rates dramatically increase when they are immersed in their ancestral identity and language.

K-12 education within the lands of the Local Nations is provided inadequately and inconsistently by Canada for Local Nations’ children and youth. The Local Nations and FNT2T no longer wish to leave the education of its people to other jurisdictions and settler governments.

FNT2T is assisting Local Nations in restoring jurisdiction over education. FNT2T knows that Canada has a duty and responsibility to support the Local Nations and FNT2T in restoring the local and territorial Life Long Learning.


Objectives of Life Long Learning:

  • Ancestral Law Development within Treaty 2 Territory
  • Control over and creation of school houses
  • Implementing Life Long Learning
  • Decolorization through FNT2T Lodge