About Us
In 2019, the Lifelong Learning Lodge was formed to provide training in Nation Development. It is now opening its doors to offer further training in Governance, Landbase and Wellbeing. The Lodge will focus on enhancing people’s knowledge in the area of Indigenous Studies within the Treaty 2 Territory in a learning environment that is reflective of who we are. 
Initiated by First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory, the lodge will work to support local Nations, members, and people as they gain further training and knowledge that will enhance future opportunity. The Government of FNT2T will build on employment opportunities through its regional offices and our Inherent Right to Govern ourselves.  
Our lodge is located in the heart of Treaty Two Territory in the city of Dauphin which is also central on Turtle Island. We will be expanding programs to the Regional Government Office in Pinaymootang in the near future.
It is our objective to give Local Nations an opportunity to study and to learn in an atmosphere that is reflective of who they are. The Lodge will offer specialty courses, seminars, and workshops that will enhance the productivity of members and their organizations.  
To support the development of the Nations, it is important to renew the focus of education to lifelong learning. That is, starting with the youngest of learners, continuing into adulthood, and having knowledge-keepers support the learning process and knowledge transmission. 
The First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory assert the right to establish an education system that supports lifelong learning. 
To enhance Indigenous people’s knowledge in the area of Indigenous Studies and Inherent Rights in a way that is grounded in ancestral language, traditional knowledge, and contemporary education.

Enhancing the lives of Indigenous people personally, professionally and socially by offering them learning opportunities in an atmosphere that nourishes their intrinsic gifts.


To develop a learning environment for Indigenous people that is guided by their interests, talents, and gifts while they prepare themselves for opportunities competitive industries today. 

7 Steps of Rebuilding
We are assisting our First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory, and local Nations who assert the right to govern themselves through the Seven steps of rebuilding:  
1.    Change 
2.    Vision 
3.    Mapping 
4.    Rights 
5.    Colonization 
6.    Self-Determination 
7.    Deliverance.