Tipi Talks with Allen Sutherland

Treaty 2 Territory – July 23, 2020, Life Long Learning Lodge (LLLL) Keeper Allen Sutherlands shares plans moving forward to educate through the FNT2T LLLL. Please check out our YouTube channel at Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan for more Tipi Talks videos. Miigwech! (Click Below for Link)

Reflecting on the Atmosphere of Treaty Negotiations

This week FNT2T Life Long Learning spent time reflecting on the atmosphere and setting of treaty negotiations. It can be difficult to ascertain the tone between First Nations leaders and government officials during those negotiations, but by conducting close readings of treaty records and literature we can  work to discern the views of First Nations […]

Congratulating all FNT2T Graduates!

Treaty 2 members have been celebrating their important education and training accomplishments. FNT2T Life Long Learning would like to send a big congratulations to all Treaty 2 students who completed their grade level, their high school diploma, or their post-secondary education! The last few months of school have not been easy for many students due […]

Learning About the Accomplishments of Indigenous peoples

FNT2T life long learning always works to celebrate the work and accomplishments of members our territory and Anishinaabek peoples. A member of Lake St. Martin First Nation, Jackie Traverse, is an accomplished artist. She studied at the University of Manitoba graduating with her Fine Arts degree in 2009. Her artwork represents her culture as an […]

The Importance of First Nation Education Law(s)

Let’s reflect on Indigenous education and life long learning. There are so many Indigenous educators who’ve paved the way for generations to come. And this work will continue as we work to deconstruct colonialism and its effects on Indigenous peoples. One such educator is Dr. Marie Battiste (Mi’kmaq) who wrote the book titled, Decolonizing Education: Nourishing […]

Anishinaabemowin: Clock & Time

Treaty 2 Territory – We use a clock everyday of our lives to measure time throughout the day. In these session you will learn the words and pronunciation when telling time in Anishinaabemowin. Corey ‘the Coyote’ Whitford teaches us 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock in Anishinaabemowin in Session 20 – Session 33. Please visit our […]

Anishinaabe Spirit Bear Song

Treaty 2 Territory – During the COVID-19 pandemic, we spend a lot of time with family. This is a great opportunity for us to return to our original teachings we’ve always had, prior to contact. We are able to teach our children and grandchildren about the way our people used to live off the land […]

Anishinaabemowin: Commonly Used Phrases

Treaty 2 Territory – The Coyote teaches us about commonly used phrases in these Session 17, Session 18, and Session 19. These phrases could be used in your household on a daily basis. Learn, Teach and Practice Anishinaabemowin with your family members and children. Check out other lessons on our website lifelong and videos […]