Knowledge Keepers College

The Knowledge Keepers College will function as the primary foundation of accreditation in all our programs. Knowledge keepers will play a role as co-instructors for all training. This community-based approach utilizes Knowledge Keepers in a way that achieves accreditation for our Nation.

Elders are the Knowledge Keepers of our local Nations. They are responsible for the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation. It was Elders who sanctioned learners in progression. This is central to Indigenous education system(s) and has been since time immemorial.

Colonization interrupted this transfer of ancestral knowledge. Our system(s) of education were replaced with the colonial system. We commit to the continued work of decolonization and the renewal of our ways.

We believe that gifts are unearthed through continuous learning. We wish for everyone to discover their gifts and achieve a good life. We must learn about who we are and where we come. To do this, we will restore our ancestral knowledge and our learning systems in a way that achieves balance with Western ways.

We will strive:

To align with the Seven (7) Sacred Laws and Teachings

 To have substantively equitable funded education that is appropriate and based on students’ right to their culture, language and identity

 To carry out the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration among local Nations, the Government of FNT2T, the Government of Canada, and provincial governments by practicing commitment, accountability, and responsibility in fiscal arrangements and achievable learning outcomes