FNT2T Life Long Learning: Nibi in Pinaymootang

Treaty 2 Territory – Boozhoo! We hope that everyone is doing well. Some of the staff at FNT2T have been attending Treaty Gatherings across Treaty 2 Territory. The most recent was Pinaymootang which brought together leaders, community members, and visitors in a good way. Pinaymootang’s Mino-Awawin Wellness Camp is a beautiful place of learning that was created and developed by Pinaymootang Nation.

The Mino-Awawin Wellness Camp sits where Pineimuta Lake meets Lake St. Martin, which is a body of water that conjoins the two major lakes in Manitoba: Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. The Wellness camp sits at the center of where these two bodies of water meet which is quite special. One can feel how special this place is when standing beside Nibi at Pinaymootang Mino-Awawin Wellness Camp. Many Nations are doing similar work in establishing their own land-based learning camp.

At the camp along the banks of Nibi, sit hand-made cabins, each with their own name written in the language (Anishinaabemowin, Ojibwe, Saulteaux). Screened-in fire pits are a place for storytelling and sharing. And there is a beautiful teepee at the foreground of the entire camp. The ecosystems that exist in just this one place is astounding. The traditional knowledge that our ancestors had (have) is incredible as they knew the waters, trees, animals, fish, plants, weather, seasons, stars, migration, and so much more. Pinaymootang’s Mino-Awawin Camp is a place where they are reclaiming, renewing, and revitalizing knowledge in their own way.

It is often said that a First Nations (Indigenous) child must know who they are and where they come from to know where they are going. This can mean different things to people, but most interpret it as teaching young people about their history and their present: Time Immemorial, Contact, Colonization, and Contemporary. FNT2T Life Long Learning recently completed an entire K-12 Treaty 2 History Kit for Treaty 2 Local Nations. A camp like Mino-Awawin would be an amazing place for educators to begin using these learning booklets with young people. It is an absolutely breathtaking place where two important bodies of water meet. Their meeting place. And Pinaymootang is at its heart.

Renew and revitalize. Miigwetch.